CASecure Hosted Patch Management

Teaming with CASecure to manage patching can free up your IT resources to focus on other priority projects. In addition, CASecure has your back on proactively securing your organization’s endpoints.

Recent studies suggest successful exploits involve unpatched endpoints and just over a third of small to medium sized businesses even have a defined patch management process.


An under-resourced IT operation can struggle to keep track of all the servers, endpoint devices, and the growing number of mobile devices.

In addition, managing the various operating systems, applications, and patch requirements can be labor and time intensive.

Challenges organizations face when implementing effective patch management practices include:

  • Lack of visibility and personnel.
  • Potential business impact.
  • Network- bandwidth limitations.
  • Lack of manageability.
  • Long remediation times.
  • Scalability issues.
  • Coverage for different platforms, third- party applications, and roaming endpoints.

That’s why we offer CASecure Hosted Patch Management.

CASecure provides an industry-leading, state-of-the-art endpoint management solution with full OS patching across Linux, Windows, UNIX, AIX, and Mac to name a few.

The service covers third-party application patches for Adobe, Java, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Skype, and more. A full solution deployment can be completed within 24 hours, providing full visibility of endpoints including off-premise devices. Endpoints can be reviewed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE via a web portal interface with 24/7 reporting.

Say goodbye to patch Tuesday.

To learn more, contact us for a demo.