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Patch Management Challenges Faced by Your Customer

A customer’s endpoint landscape is in a constant state of change. System Administrators can become easily overwhelmed with patch management responsibilities for thousands of endpoints running various OSs and applications.

They need an effective way to assess, deploy, and manage patches for the many operating systems and applications in their environments while being compliant with security standards. Without an effective discovery, deployment, and enforcement solution the likelihood of an endpoint attack grows exponentially.

CASecure Hosted Patch Management Solutions

CASecure provides an industry-leading, state-of-the-art endpoint management solution with full OS patching across Linux, Windows, UNIX, AIX, and Mac to name a few. The service covers third party application patches for Adobe, Java, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Skype, and more.

A full solution deployment can be completed within 24 hours, providing your customer full visibility of their endpoints including off-premise devices, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE via a web portal interface with 24/7 reporting. CASecure’s security experts will work directly with your client teams and customers ensuring they receive all the benefits that our service provides, while simultaneously providing a new revenue stream for your company.

Why Should You Partner with CASecure?

At CASecure, our goal is to provide our Business Partners with insight and the best-in-breed patch and security solutions so they can create new revenue streams within their existing customer base with an added value service.

CASecure has 40 years of experience providing IT solutions, and has designed Patch Management Solutions that are currently supporting over 800,000 endpoints. By teaming with CASecure, a partner can reduce expense and risk, all while capitalizing on one of the fastest growing opportunities in the CyberSecurity market.

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If you’re interested in learning more about teaming with CASecure to offer the Hosted Patch Management solution, contact Jim Johnston at 804.617.3563 or email at

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Say goodbye to patch Tuesday.

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