How it Works

The CASecure Hosted Patch Management process has two main components:

Single intelligent agent

  • Continuous self-assessment
  • Continuous policy enforcement
  • Minimal system impact (<2% CPU, <10MB RAM)

Virtual infrastructure

  • Designate agents as a relay
  • Provides built-in redundancy
  • Leverages existing systems/shared infrastructure

The service covers five basic steps:

  1. Assess: Single Intelligent agent continuously monitors and reports endpoint state
  2. Remediate: Endpoint agent evaluates patch applicability, downloads and applies the patch, reporting back success or failure within minutes
  3. Confirm: Endpoint agent reassesses status to confirm successful installation, immediately updating in real-time
  4. Enforce: Endpoint agent continuously enforces patch policy to ensure endpoints remain updated
  5. Report: Integrated web reporting capabilities allowing up-to-the-minute dashboards and reports

CASecure is Multi-Platform / Multi-Application

Deployment Advantages:

  • No new infrastructure required.
  • Deployment in hours.
  • Highly scalable and secure.
  • Multiplatform support.
  • 3rd Party application support.
  • CASecure web portal access 24/7.
  • Real-Time on/off premise Vulnerability Remediation.
  • Compliance with SLA requirements.


  • Free up FTEs to focus on priority projects.
  • Eliminate HW/SW cost of in-house solution(s).
  • Eliminate licensing & maintenance cost for in-house solution(s).
  • Provides real-time reporting on patching compliance.
  • Provides over 95% successful first pass patching compliance.
  • Provide expert SMEs: Currently managing over 800,000 Endpoints.


Additional Options:

  • Software Inventory Reporting.
  • Sub-Capacity licensing reporting.
  • Compliance Reporting:
  • CIS – Center for Internet Security.
  • DISA STIG – Defense Information Systems Agency Security Technical Implementation Guide.
  • FDCC – Federal Desktop Core Configuration.
  • USGCB – United States Government Compliance Baseline.
  • PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
  • Customizable Reporting Platform.

Say goodbye to patch Tuesday.

To learn more, contact us for a demo.

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