Why Hosted Patch Management

Serving clients in the public and private sectors since 1978, CAS Severn recognized a need in the marketplace for hosted patch management.

These Critical questions were addressed in the development of the service:

  • How should an organization deploy critical “out-of-band” patches that arrive urgently and off the routine patch schedule?
  • How can system administrators keep track of patches in an environment with hundreds or thousands of endpoints running a variety of operating systems (OSs) and applications?
  • How do system administrators monitor the status of roaming laptops and other mobile devices?
  • How long will the patching process take from start to finish, and how will system administrators confirm (and prove) that every endpoint in their infrastructure has been properly patched and stays that way?
  • How can system administrators quickly test patches before deploying them, and roll them back if they cause problems?
  • How can patches be deployed without interfering with end-user experience and productivity?
  • How can patches be applied to business applications during strict maintenance windows, and can this be done with minimal downtime?

See how it works!

Say goodbye to patch Tuesday.

To learn more, contact us for a demo.

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